Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

So what makes such a day so 'special'?

Well, maybe it is the unique greeting cards or the flowers that are priced twice as much as normal? Maybe it is so ‘special’ because it is socially acceptable to divulge into sweets and chocolate more than normal on this day? Or, for that matter, possibly because of the $13billion dollars that people spend across North America on February 14th?

Tell me why we need yet another day in the year to remind ourselves about the loved ones that we have in our lives. Why do we need a specific day to express our appreciation, feelings, and emotions to that one 'special' person in our lives?

Let this be a thought to promote that this special day can happen any or every other day of the year. Because I know that every other day...

  • Flowers are 1/2 the price and can be delivered on time.
  • You can actually get the dinner reservation that you really want at the time that you want.
  • No one is stopping you from wearing your red or pink outfit.
  • You will either be with someone to enjoy any thoughts, feelings, experiences...or you won't be!
  • You will actually be unique instead of following every other couple on this day full of marketing schemes.

don't just wait for ths one day - be special everyday.

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