Monday, March 26, 2007


there's a town in rural british columbia called abbotsford. over the years i have grown to like the suburb and its residents more and more. main reason: LIKE MINDED. yes, that's right, completely up my alley in terms of people i would likely call my friends and here is why.

1. generosity. in canada, per capita the most generous group of people in the country.

2. real people. none of the 'tude' that's closely associated with a few of the other boroughs in vancouver.

3. community. a quickly eroding adjective used to describe a group of people living in close proximity actually interested in helping, supporting and looking out for their neighbours.

4. humility. even with the rapid expansion, most generous city, and home town mentality you will be hard pressed to find someone there trying to be someone they are not.

5. loyalty. every week we have a loyal following of swimupstream readers from abbotsford. in fact, they are the most dialed in geographic region of them all (although you have held strong, our one Beijing friend!) and we appreciate that.

so although none of you people would ever request it, and most would prefer it we didn't even mention it, we want to say THANK YOU to the swimupstreamers in abbotsford... just for being YOU!

you should know that we are trying to make your town the official "final leg rally point" of our cross canada bike tour in september. we hope you will save the date and ride fellow swimupstreamers matt & willie into stanley park after our 9 day record setting epic adventure.


on a separate note to all swimupstream enthusiasts, we are going to be blogging from monday to friday now and not the weekends. yup... we know... what will you do saturday & sunday morning? the main reason is, most people don't get to check the site until monday anyways, and we want to create an aura of excitement around your swimupstream blog. as well, the group will now also be blogging on our new hire me site throughout the week.

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