Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Higher Order of Thinking (H.O.T.) Parts 6 and 7

Welcome back to the 11 stages of thinking, rationalizing, acting, basically stages of living and leading yourself. Today we will be reviewing 2 stages again- stages 6 and 7. To recap, the 11 levels of thinking we identified are;

  1. Need Now: The lowest level on Maslow's Pyramid of needs. Basically, the way a baby cries for a bottle, or a toddler wants their mommy and doesn;t stop to think that they are blue in the face and whaling at the top of their lungs in Wal-Mart.
  2. Want Now: Selfish, "me, me, me" attitude combined with a hint of what they actually may want. No idea where they are headed because they are focused on the now.
  3. Not Now: As these spoiled kids get older, and responsibility hits them in the form of their first job, or chores, etc... the first reaction is often to shirk away from that responsibility.
  4. What Now?: "I have a job" or "I went to school", now what? This is that wonderful transitional period when children become adults because they stop doing what they were told, and start identifying for themselves what they want out of life.
  5. Why Now?: This is the fighting getting older/ responsibility/ having to think on their own stage. Much like the "not now' stage, only you have more money and can do more damage to yourself without any direction.
  6. Right Now: Once they truly know where they want to go, this is the first step towards truly growing up and maturing- seizing opportunities and getting busy living because it is what they want.
  7. More Now: This is where we start to increase our acheivement, desire, and effectiveness by implementing more/ better time management strategies, we improve our skill sets, and we allow ourselves to want more out life.
  8. Share Now: This is where we become less selfish and we share what we know, and where we are headed, with those who are important to us.
  9. Love Now: This is the stage of life that not everybody hits (but we hope that you do) wherein you know who you love, what you are passionate about, and why it is good to be you.
  10. Mentor Now: This is where we take the love of what we do and combine it with humility as we teach others to do the same and pass their teachings on. It is about affecting change within the world you live in.
  11. Leave Now: This is the final chapter of our evolvement- self actualization. As a matter of fact, this stage is often not complete until after we are dead, because the key to this stage- is legacy. Leaving a legacy at your job, within your home and community at large, and in the world... making it all better than you left it.

The Right Now and the More Now stages are very similar. Some people never get to the More Now stage, or at least, they spend very little time there and do not arrive there through the usual channels.

Most people enter the Right Now stage with such blind abandon, and such fervor, that they eventually hit the wall, or come to a few difficult roadblocks because in all the excitment of really living their life for the first time, little has been done in the way of planning or at least long term planning.

When the rate of return on their effort dwindles (that is when more than ownership over their own decisions and enthusiasm over the process is required to advance their lot in life), people may go through a period of frustration (though not neccessarily), and they most often do go through a period of re-invention.

The re-invention defines the More Now stage; when people combine an excitement for leading their own lives with the persuit of new knowledge, and the aquisition of new skills, in order to move farther up the food chain. By this point, people are basically equipped to handle most of the challenges they will face in a day because if they cannot answer a challenge in real time, they can a) go back and learn b) take greater personal accountability over their place in said situation or c) implement better strategies or implement the same ones at a higher level.

When any of the above fail, then we know that the challenge is too great for someone at the More Now stage of thinking, or that someone who thinks they are at the More Now stage is still just getting their feet wet in the Right Now (eager) stage.

When someone has seen great success moving themselves, their relationships, and their business forward, and it has been enough time that they now trust what they are doing and have turned lessons into habits, they can say with confidence that they are at the Share Now stage of thinking, rationalizing, and emoting. This stage is a critical turning point because while the first 7 stages of thinking and living involve the self, the last 4 involve impacting others without forcing them to do anything.

Basically, from here on out, we are going to learn how to be a leader. In order to really take these lessons to heart, you should already be leading yourself using the lessons from stage 1 to 7.

Tune in next week to learn how to get what you want out of others without manipulation....

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