Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Higher Order of Thinking (H.O.T.) Parts 8 and 9

Welcome back to the 11 stages of thinking, rationalizing, acting, basically stages of living and leading yourself. Today we will be reviewing 2 stages again- stages 8 and 9. To recap, the 11 levels of thinking we identified are;

  1. Need Now
  2. Want Now
  3. Not Now
  4. What Now?
  5. Why Now?
  6. Right Now
  7. More Now
  8. Share Now: This is where we become less selfish and we share what we know, and where we are headed, with those who are important to us.
  9. Love Now: This is the stage of life that not everybody hits (but we hope that you do) wherein you know who you love, what you are passionate about, and why it is good to be you.
  10. Mentor Now: This is where we take the love of what we do and combine it with humility as we teach others to do the same and pass their teachings on. It is about affecting change within the world you live in.
  11. Leave Now: This is the final chapter of our evolvement- self actualization. As a matter of fact, this stage is often not complete until after we are dead, because the key to this stage- is legacy. Leaving a legacy at your job, within your home and community at large, and in the world... making it all better than you left it.

As we defined last week, when someone has seen great success moving themselves, their relationships, and their business forward, and it has been enough time that they now trust what they are doing and have turned lessons into habits, they can say with confidence that they are at the Share Now stage of thinking, rationalizing, and emoting. This stage is a critical turning point because while the first 7 stages of thinking and living involve the self, the last 4 involve impacting others without forcing them to do anything.

To really be sure you are at the Share Now stage of your own life, you must be moving yourself forward, and have been doing so for some time. It does not always come from an "Ah, ha!" moment, or a 'turning over a new leaf' decision, it can come from a high level of trust and faith that doing the right things for yourself will take you to a better place. The difference between the More Now and Share Now stages is that of perspective. More Now is about applying the principles you've learned at a higher level than before; while Share Now is about understanding them well enough to coach someone else based on your own experiences.

The most common problems reported from all kinds of people as they enter the Share Now stage are a) resistence from their families, etc as they try to share their newfound passion, b) frustration from their families, citing they are coming across to their loved ones as a 'know-it-all'

Just as the Right Now and More Now stages involve going back to the drawing board, The Share Now stage involves improving our communication skills, resolve, approach, etc until we break past our current barriers (in this case our ability to communicate selfless desires to our families and friends without coming across as preachy).

As we pass this plateau, and become more effective in communicating and impacting others, we come to an important conclusion: our time, and a place in our own lives, is worth something. When we know this, the next logical step is to evaluate who is our life, why they are invited along for the journey,a nd whether or not that invitation should continue to be extended. This marks the journey of the Love Now stage... deciding who we want in our lives and why as it relates to the big picture of who we are and who we want to become.

It is important to note, at this point, that this journey does not take place on a yellow brick road. People may hate your guts if/ when you tell them that they are not leading you where you want to go, and are no longer an influence you want in your life. Leading yourself by swimming upstream can and often is a difficult journey. That is why it is called swimming upstream, instead of just 'the way'.

When you really embrace the 'Love Now' stage, you will concentrate your time, energy, money, and passion, on those things and those people that bring positivity and abundance of joy and opportunity back into your life. If you stay here for the rest of your life, the world is a better place than before you entered it. The more people who reach the "Love Now' stage, the better off we all are.

The only way we can get more people to the Love Now stage though, is if we have more Mentors. Mentors create future leaders (in this case, lovers). Tune in next week to learn how to become a mentor as we uncover stage 10 of our 11 stage journey.

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