Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hope & Confidence

Any accomplishment starts with the hope that we will succeed and the confidence that we have the skills necessary to achieve. Hope and confidence follow each other in an upward linear motion until the task is completed. When we don’t achieve, it is usually the result of a disruption in this linear relationship where hope begins to exceed confidence. When this gap presents itself, we begin to rely on the “stars being aligned” in order for us to be successful and lose the control that we have over our quest. By relying on outside sources for our success we open ourselves to stress and anxiety which ultimately disrupts the journey.

In relation to success, hope is “a chance that something desirable will happen or be possible”. The key word is chance because chance means that something other than yourself has to happen in order for you to succeed. When we put our success to chance we are facing the same odds as a roulette player, sometimes hitting big, but mostly falling short because of the odds. Hope is a necessity in any outcome, because it creates our goals, but when hope is all we have to work with we are constantly fighting the odds therefore making us vulnerable to a negative experience.

Confidence on the other hand is “a belief or self-assurance in your ability to succeed”. The key words here are belief and self-assurance because they are empowering words. When you believe you can do something and you have the self-assurance that it is possible, you have created the internal drive necessary to eliminate vulnerability and to consistently put the odds in your favor. Once we are able to empower ourselves with confidence, then, and only then can we keep the linear relationship with the hopes that we have. The longer we maintain the relationship between hope and confidence the greater exposure we will have to excellence and achievement.

The challenge facing us all is maintaining this relationship as a linear one. When hope begins to exceed confidence it is essential that we stop in our tracks and reevaluate what we are trying to do. Often times this means that we have to adjust our hopes so that they come down to our confidence level, therefore creating a more realistic challenge. On the other hand, when our confidence surpasses our hopes, we often find ourselves in a situation where we actually are taking the easy road and not challenging ourselves appropriately.

When we can find the right balance between hope and confidence we can achieve more, become more productive, and regain control over our own success. This is essential in empowerment where internal efficacy means everything. When faced with your next challenge in life remember; anything can happen with hope, everything can happen with confidence, and nothing can happen without either.

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