Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It Takes One to Know One

There are a number of people that have the 'sound judgement', the 'business intelligence', or the 'street smarts' but there are fewer that have more of a complex dynamic - those that are able to create an atmosphere that demands, recognizes, and rewards these attributes. That is the next level of intelligence and leadership - however...

it takes one to know one.

Not only that, but being an individual with a high level of intelligence (combined with common sense) cannot reach their own peak performance unless surrounded by others with a similar level of skill and ability.

It is a reality - everyone's performance is enhanced or limited by the quality of talent surrounding them.

Regardless of how strong one person's thinking is, without the help and support of others - to skillfully identify an idea's merit, to help improve it, and then disseminate and implement it - that individual's best thinking will be lost. Very similar to sports, when you play along side skilled individuals you tend to rise to the occasion and unconsciously improve your level of play. And if you participate at a lower level of play, your skillset and performance drops to the level of that group.

Grasp this concept.

Understand that when you surround yourself with the best people, you become better. And the quality of the people in any collaboration can have a profound impact on the final product - on a business project OR on your life.

Just as you cannot merely throw groups of people together and encourage them to challenge and stimulate eachother's thinking, you cannot put a group of individuals together that have a variety of intelligence, life experience, and positive direction and expect everyone to come out on top. Because the presence of unskilled thinkers and negative motivators can diminish the quality of discussions and often serve as impediments to getting optimal results - this goes for business and for life.

So...Don't surround yourself with garbage when you want something better.

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