Thursday, March 22, 2007

The New 3 R's

Last week, we covered 2 levels in our Higher Order of Thinking model. As such, we will take a brief hiatus and resume next Thursday. Today we relive and old anecdote and inject fresh meaning.

Many of us can remember the 3 R's....

Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic. Certainly, all 3 are valuable, and necessary for our success (although with spellcheck, MSN messenger, and scientific hold-your-hand claculators, we are forgetting all 3).

The time may come when all of these are nearly obsolete (with the exception of reading). When that time comes, it will be very important for you to get to know the NEW 3 R's....
  1. Being the Right person
  2. Doing the Right things
  3. Being in the Right role or organization.

Being the Right person means learning humility, learning to work with others in a team, taking accountability for your actions, and leading yourself. Basically, it means being a better person, and helping move yourself and others forward. Being the Right person is not easy, but it is so worth it that it actually becomes easy once you start seeing the benefit of being that person.

Doing the Right things means doing the job you signed up for, following through on what you said you would do, and doing right instead opf wrong; serving others and yourself instead of just being selfish. Doing the Right things should move yourself and others ahead. If you are moving other people forward, and yourself backwards somehow, you are doing the wrong things.

Being in the Right role means working towards a position that takes advantage of your skills, interests, and passion, and provides you with a means of reward, all the while doing good and giving something back to the world. This could be a paid or volunteer position, because although ideally the Right role pays the bills for you, sometimes the rewards are internal and intangible. Often if you are skilled in the Right role, you may find yourself promoted into the wrong role. This is where we need to remember the other 2 R's... have patience and humility as well as ambition (be the Right person), and ensure you are doing what you are good at, not just what pays more money in the immediate term (do the Right things).

The 3 R's can and should be used in relationships, at work... you name it. Here's hoping we can add some fresh excitement to an old expression, and get and give all that we want with one simple and useful letter (times 3)...

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