Monday, March 05, 2007

thank you

todays lesson is on how to say thanks. particularly directed at charities, who make it like you are doing them the favor by donating your time and efforts, it is a lesson that can be utilized by anyone.

saying thanks is becoming one of the hardest things in the world to do and thats a real shame. why is it so hard? well, there are probably numerous reasons, but none stands to reason more than the fact we are so used to being critisized and critiqued that saying a heartfelt thanks seems to make us appear vulnerable, weak and at times uncool.

well, there's nothing uncool about saying giving thanks and we need to know that instead of continuing to make the mistake of taking it for granted. its makes people feel validated, appreciated and overall good.

we need more of that stuff. good. we could use that as an alternative source of fuel isntead of seeking out the bad. saying thanks doesn't cost anything more than your time to formulate the words. its quick simple and and easy and can be done by pen, email, writing or even a small somthin somethin.

most importantly looking to say thanks entails finding things to say thanks about... and that, my friends are where we want to spend MORE time than less.

thanks for listening. you are great.

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