Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Winning Hand

Whatever happened to appreciating what we have?

So many individuals are too busy focusing on what they don't have (the cars, the jewelry, the purses, the mansions) and seem to forget the things they should value the most, which are right in front of them - friends & family.

Tonight, a good friend came up to me and pulled me aside to discuss - the appreciation of life. Not long ago, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Initially it was a shock for him (and other friends and family members) to comprehend but with positive thinking and hope he began to convince himself that everything would be ok. After several months of chemo and medication, he has witnessed someone that is so close to him, go through so much pain and fear. Yesterday, he was notified by the specialists that after all of the treatment that his mother has gone through, the tumor is still growing.

Can you only imagine?

Can you imagine feeling the sense of doubt and helplessness? To watch the very person that put you on this earth...slowly pass. The fact of the matter is - it happens and it is a reality. People go through these types of challenges in life. When this happens, your perspective of life and how you live it can change that very moment.

When you live with the shadow of your own death, you automatically re-prioritize life and it enhances the potential to be more "present moment." Really, all unhappiness comes from an attempt to live in some other moment than now. Yet most of us have difficulty living in the moment because our fear keeps us attempting to plan our future to "be safe". I can't be pre-occupied with my future and be enjoying the moment at the same time. Most of us spend a lifetime being preoccupied with and planning the future. But, when the "future" arrives we can't really enjoy it because we're pre-occupied with the next future.

Don't allow fear to prevent you from living life. You have one. Make the most of it. Hit the ball out of the park. Make your dreams come true.

Get shit done.

And always remember, you can either:
  • whine about the cards that you have been dealt (which probably isn’t that bad compared to others in this world - such as suffering from an incurable disease like cancer)
  • Or, appreciate the things that you have and maximize the hand that you have got!

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