Friday, March 02, 2007

the Yoda of Luke Skywalker

most of us have had one sometime in our life.

they are those special individuals that have:

  • demonstrated selflessness and devoted their time to make you better
  • shared stories of success and failures with you from their own experiences - only to educate you on what works and what doesn't and how to prevent from making similar mistakes
  • helped you assess your strengths and weaknesses, as well as helped you develop skills for success and a long-range positive and successful path
  • provided a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at a problem or issue
  • facilitated your decision-making process by suggesting alternatives rather than telling you what to do
  • motivated you to be the best that you can be
  • emotional intelligence, intuition, a drive to keep learning, and a desire to bring about change
  • positive attitudes -- and at some point became invested in and celebrated your success.


  • wasn't affraid to provide you the exact things that you need to hear to grow and become better - the necessary feedback and constructive criticism.

they are called MENTORS

Without the Yoda's you wouldn't be where you are at, achieved the things that you never thought possible and be aware of what lies ahead. They are the people that encouraged you, showed you the ropes, and helped you become the exact person you are today!

Recognize those people and thank them for the time that they devoted and the knowledge that they shared.

And it does NOT end here.

Just like they did this for you, find the time to educate, motivate, and inspire the Skywalker's in your life.

Be a Yoda.

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