Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Get Nothing for Nothing

A disturbing trend is upon us; a trend that turns into a pattern that will ultimately turn into a norm.

Employers are desperate for employees so they are dropping their pants to make them happy. The result is that greed, a fundamental trait of the human nature, begins to drive our work force.

“They’ll offer me weekends off and buy me a trip to Hawaii for a week every year. What will you do?”

What if the answer was “We’ll push you harder than you have ever been pushed mentally and physically before but we’ll make you realize your full potential”?

Do you think people would opt for the vacation or the potential of enlightenment?

I actually don’t know what people would decide because our businesses aren’t standing firm and letting people decide for themselves. They are competing to be the biggest idiots. We can give more and give it faster than you. Thus they are setting themselves up for failure. They are teaching potential employees to ask for more and probably plan to have them do less. In a tighter and tighter market place that can’t afford to have inefficiency businesses are dropping under water level and the snorkel is getting shorter. They do it to themselves because they live with fear. Fear that they will have to do everything. Fear that this is the only person that can help them be successful and fear that nobody better is walking in the door.

The flip side is that the employees actually believe they are the best available person and deserve the accolades before they have earned them.

Give me a break. You aren’t as good as you think and you aren’t as bad as you think. For businesses that means someone who wants to earn their living is either in your system or wants to really be there and for employees that means you aren’t actually irreplaceable.

The precedent has been set where the bar is so low that it is going to be hard to raise it again. Why would you bother if someone is willing to throw you more for doing less?

One reason: because you want someone to help you be the best you can be.

Find companies that treat you fairly, challenges you [even if it frustrates you it will make you stronger and better], and want to help you reach your full potential.

Like my father said, “you get nothing for nothing” and companies are short changing their staff by letting them “do” nothing to get paid. Only in doing something will there be a reward.

Get on the bus and take the challenges that are out there.

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