Friday, April 27, 2007

American Idiot

I’m sure you have all had the chance to hear Alec Baldwin’s tirade where he left a message on his 11 year old daughter’s phone calling her a “thoughtless little pig”. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, we now have to listen to Rosie Odonnell and the rest of the Hollywood idiots defend this jerk. Hollywood lives in a disturbed false reality where everything goes and nothing can’t be defended. The excuses have been many, but my favorite two have been “everyone has talked to their children that way at some point” and “it is nobody’s business how others raise their children”.

First, I was not the easiest kid in the world to raise and there were many times where I was a thoughtless little pig, but never did either of my parents use threats and name calling to put me in my place. In fact, the worst thing my father ever said to me was “people judge you by your actions and right now you are an idiot”. He did not say it yelling, rather in a matter of fact tone, and he was right.

Secondly, I worked with abused children for 10 years and it is our business how others raise their children. If you think that we should just ignore what some people are doing to their kids then I suggest you find a group home or residential treatment center (unfortunately they are not hard to find), volunteer there for a month and then honestly tell me that if someone didn’t intervene these children would be better off.

What Alec Baldwin did is child abuse plain and simple. I will also guarantee you that this is no the only time he has spoken to his daughter this way, and if he would dare to speak to his daughter like this imagine how he speaks to people who he has no relation to. There are three easy ways to tell if someone you know is a jerk; 1) go to a restaurant with them and see how they treat their waiter or waitress, good or bad, 2) sit in gridlock traffic with someone and see how they respond to other drivers, and 3) watch someone interact with their children. Within one hour in either situation you will be able to separate someone who you want nothing to do with from someone who is worth spending time with.

The easiest and least expensive thing to give someone is kindness. It takes no effort on your part other than not being an asshole, so take you hand off the horn, be polite to those who are bringing you your food, and always remember to be a role model to your children because they in turn will model this behavior to others.

For all of you who are defending this “American Idiot”, shame on you. I can only hope that you are never berated in the same way this 11 year old child was.

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