Saturday, April 21, 2007

capitalizing off of death.

after reading scott's blog yesterday, i could not help myself in getting on today's blog and adding my 2 cents.
1st - completely agree that what gets lost in the focus-on-profits are the 32 young people who lost their lives.
2nd - is the family & friend tree's that span from those people, which doubles and triples. at the end of the day, its an unspeakable, unfortunate tragedy.

what really pisses me off, is the fact we have digressed to believe this is "a great story". we quickly, assemble the media circus, head to the location and bombard the airways with who was this man. we'll talk about it for months on end (until someone else does something equally as destructive) and repeat the same circus for them.

did it ever occur to the media, they may have a tiny bit of responsibility for the copy cat nature of these crimes?
follow me here. "loner kid starving for attention", watches continually negative news CNN, and see's another loner kid getting that very attention through his martyr-like acts of violence. in fact, between these killings, this idiot send a package to the news station? where would he learn that?

i have an idea for the media. stop capitalizing of death & start capitalizing off life. don't give the perpetrators the attention they are seeking (free p.r.). i don't care about their memoirs, they are fucking idiots - what am i going to learn? you wouldn't give anyone who's trying to do something great for the world free p.r, you'd make them pay millions of dollars for it - so why give it to assholes... for free?

focus on the great lives of the people who were shot down. tell us about them (minus the tragic bullshit you think we want to see & read about). don't kid yourselves into thinking 100% of the sheeople you broadcast to like your drama. we don't. when you continue to produce garbage - you get garbage in return. realize that. understand your freedom of speech and quest to "get the story", has lead & will lead to more deaths as you give people their platform. understand the fact you highlight the stats of the greatest number of domestic deaths only serves to challenge your next idiot to beat that mark...

or do you already know that and it's what you are looking for?
another bullshit story at the expense of human life.

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