Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't Pass the Blame

We have all had a few days to digest the cowardly acts of a deranged lunatic at the Virginia Tech campus on Monday and there are several things that really bother me about the whole incident. Obviously the most glaring is the loss of the 32 students who are no longer here, 32 men and women who were doing nothing more than trying to create their future.

What is also upsetting to me is how we look at tragedy in this country. In every tragic event that we face, we watch the news and listen to person after person looking for someone to blame for the incident. Here is a new idea; how about we blame the coward that pulled the trigger therefore ending the lives of these people. Look at any incident over the last 20 years where a large group of people died and I can tell you who is at fault, and it is not the person who committed the atrocity (although I believe that the person committing the act it to blame, others just feel the need to somehow not make that individual accountable).

Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t hugged by his parents enough, the Government made Timothy McVeigh hate them, Columbine kids were picked on by other students, 9/11 happened because of our Government and our lifestyle. Bullshit. These events happened because this world has a small percentage of very sick people who have an evil agenda that they just need to expose to the rest of us.

Let me make this simple. A tragedy is tragic because mistakes are made which leads to the loss of many lives. Some mistakes are subtle, some are obvious, but none of the mistakes that are made are malicious or with intent, they are mistakes. The murderers on the other hand are malicious, have intent for months beforehand, and should not be excused for inexcusable actions. They personally choose to play executioner and the blood needs to stay on their hands and on their hands only. The more we pass the blame the more we are justifying their actions and giving fuel to the next lunatic that decides to kill. This is the message we send off every day; there is always someone to blame, so do whatever you want because it is not your fault.

The more we hear about this coward at Virginia Tech the more the media paints a picture of him being the victim. They allow him to get the attention he ultimately sought and show the next loser in waiting that they too can be excused for whatever atrocity they plan on committing next. Yes, there are more people planning the day that they too can gain this much attention for despicable acts. There will be another Virginia Tech, there will be another 9/11, and there will be something bigger that we haven’t even thought about yet. This world has some very sick people in it who are looking for the opportunity to show us just how sick they are, and when they do we will find out who is to blame because accountably is nearly extinct in this country.

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