Sunday, April 08, 2007


“But I’m afraid to ask because maybe I won’t get what I want. Maybe they’ll say ‘no’.”

It is probably the strangest statement yet one of the most common in the world today. Myriads of dating websites all dedicated to helping you choose a mate and most of these websites catering to the idea that people live in fear; the fear of rejection.

Sure the business owners and employees are doing something to help others find their right person and I’m equally as sure that the people on the websites are not as scared as this blog makes them sound. However, it is human nature to fear what we don’t know.

Take the statement and put it in any context. A sales context; sales are lost by the second by the salesman afraid to ask for the money. A relationship context; people refuse to ask for the treatment they want because they fear the response. People fear what they don’t know and they let their assumptions rule.

Take the above quote and look at it for what it is.

The ridiculous thing is that people are afraid to ask because they are scared of the response yet without asking they are already stuck without…..The worst that could happen if they did aim for what they wanted would be no different than where they were.

We are a strange bunch.

Would it kill you to try?
How much would your life change if you rejected fear and became courageous enough to take action. Remove what you FEEL the result will be and go find out what the result WILL be.

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