Wednesday, April 11, 2007


If you haven't noticed, we have developed into a society of persistent and resilient people with ONE unshakable mission:

the pursuit of happiness

Unfortunatley, this idea of happiness is largely connected with wealth. And if we mistakenly associate pleasure with happiness, it's not surprising that we pursue it without end.

We have become a nation of ambitious people with notions of imaginative future growth and those that celebrate abundance. Our thoughts belive there is no reason anyone should be deprived of luxury, if he or she works hard. This correlation has resulted in an abundance of one characteristic of the human being...


Like the origins of the drive for power the roots are everywhere, and if a little bit feels good, more must be better. No matter what we become, gain, or achieve, we want more. Our appetite is like seawater; the more we drink, the thirstier we become. The bigger it gets, the faster it grows.

Greed is everywhere.

It is responsible for crooked cops and crooked politicians.
It is responsible for the drive and motivations behind the narcotics world.
It is responsible for the exploitations of teen sports stars by colleges and for the mess in the pro sports world - which has lead to the cause of the use of performance drugs by young athletes.
It is responsible for the scam artists who steal from the elderly.

And it is responsible for more than we can imagine.

Don't get confused. Ambition and hard work with fair rewards are not wrong.
What is wrong is when we are concentrating on HAVING more instead of BEING more.

So, instead of pampering yourself with pleasure, strive to make yourself better AND happier by being more compassionate, helpful, responsible, self-disciplined, and courageous.

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