Monday, April 23, 2007

hey pessimists, keep your thoughts to yourself.

let me let you in on a secret, you don't get ahead by doubting everyone and then waiting for them to prove you right.

i have about 10 seconds for pessimists. in fact, the minute i start to see their eyes rolling back into the right hand side of their brain (where they it is said we create our fiction), i cut the conversation short and move on.

you people are draining, boring, predictable and fricking ANNOYING (to me). i prefer someone that says hey... i like you so if you like that person, or think that idea is great, or want to do something outside of the norm i'm behind you 100%. in fact, WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU BUD!

i'll take that attitude every day over the person who's to insecure to believe much of anything positive can happen in the world, let alone something good, let alone to someone they know. as a coach, i see this with parents all the time. their child tells them something in a super exited state and they suck all the life out of him / her with a mediocre / can't be bothered to reciprocate excitement back to them attitude. i feel like slapping them. please, slap me if you see me doing this to my kids - (and i won't sue either).

optimist are responsible for creating 99% of the things that make our lives easier, richer, and better. we kill their spirit and i can assure you we are in deep shit. so think about that the next time you are engaged in conversation with someone you know and think before you speak.

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