Thursday, April 26, 2007

NEW FEATURE: "Inside The Quotes"

That's right swim upstreamers, we've added a new feature to our swim upstream line up: Inside the Quotes. In this feature, we will break down a famous or obscure (but meaningful) quote from contempoary thinkers or from the past, and how this relates to our fundamental vision here on swim upstream. So without further adieu,

"The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money." - Bernard Meltzer

Though this quote stands alone in terms of it's meaning, let's take it a step further. Many people may read this and say, "wow- that's profound!" and then within 0.5 nanoseconds they are onto the weather, their work to-do list, their marital stress, etc. KNOW that this is human nature, vis a vis the rat race, and DECIDE that today is going to be different.

Anything you need to know to live a meaningful life is contained within this quote. Having said that, decide right now to be inspired and take action. Ask yourself, "if I lost all my money, what would I be worth?"

Will the fancy cars teach your kids to say no to drugs? Are you fundamentally a less happy person because you don't own a BMW? Are you screwed because someone else isn't giving you yours? We on swim upstream uphold the values that this quote speaks to the day of reckoning- judgement day, or if there is one- the afterlife.

After all, the most important legacy you can make....
The most valuable thing you can leave behind in this life...

Is what's left over after all that you own, all that you wear, and all that you show is stripped off. What is left at that point is what you really are, and who you really are. Take a moment, and ask- "if I lost all my money, what would I be worth?" and if you don't like the answer- today is the day your life changes, and you change your own stock price for the better. Best of luck in your pursuit of true wealth!

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