Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Open Letter to Mothers

There are those that feel raising children isn't a job. It is to those people that I use you as an example.

They say that all you do is stay home and do nothing...........they obviously haven't tried to go shopping with a new baby.

They say that it isn't their responsibility to pay for you to have time off and raise the children...........they don't realize like you do that those children will one day be making the rules and probably be their doctor.

They say that it is impossible to love a second child as much as the first...........they don't have more than one child.

They say that being a Mum doesn't require any learning...........they have never tried to teach a child to read.

They say that as they get older it gets easier to sleep...........they have never laid awake waiting for the door to open and their baby to be home safe.

They say that once they are in school life gets to be a breeze...........they have never had to pick up the first one when the newest member should be a sleep.

They say that all you have to do is set them up to succeed as adults...........they have never worried about how their children are doing in University, their jobs and socially.

They say that once they are married then your job is done...........they don't realize that once they are married it is one more person to worry about.

They say that you will never love your grand children the way you loved your own...........they have never felt what it is like to have a second chance. They have never felt the hand of a grandchild holding their finger.

They say that the perfect family is having two kids...........they obviously never looked into the eyes of their third or fourth child and saw that the world was still full of joy.

They think that being a Mum is monotonous...........they have never tried to help with physics homework.

They say that Mums are out fashion...........they don't have stains on every piece of clothing they own.

They say you get stuck in time...........they have never seen you shopping for the latest and coolest Christmas presents.

They say that being a stay at home Mum isn't a job. They don't have a clue.

Thanks for taking the time to raise our children, learn what needs to be done, make an effort to be a super hero and take the responsibility of making sure the world gets the very best next generation. We owe you one.

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