Monday, April 30, 2007

propaganda k-8

sitting across from a smart man this morning, we discussed the state of affairs around our children. one of the interesting comments he made was how young children in the 3-5 range have such a great attitude and view of the world without 'scholastic knowledge'. as i put some more thought about it, he ws right. they express themselves without real regard to what they 'can & can't", 'are and aren't" supposed to say. really we groom them from 0-5 and then turn them over to the state for the next 16-18 years to seek higher education.

don't get me wrong. i'm not coming at this with a screw the system, everyone should be home schooled, peace to all attitude. however, i am suggesting that we pay closer attention to what's going on in their lives from 5-25 and not make the assumption that what they are learning is a) useful, b) beneficial and c) right. of course, that involves getting involved which is a hard concept for career seeking parents to come to terms with. "we pay you to educate, coach, teach, care for, babysit" and the list goes on. you need to get involved. not over involved (mom's with too much time on their hands), but appropriately aware.

because ultimately its us (parents) who have the final say in terms of sifting through the worthy & unworthy, relevant & irrelevant information that our kids seek and hear every day and we must make sure the incoming data is of genuine benefit and not simply propaganda. with media & corporations basing millions of dollars in their budgets for the specific attention of your childrens, the only think standing between them and a brainwashed soldier.... is YOU!

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