Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rowing in the Same Direction

Yesterday, I came across an article that was written by an individual by the name of Jeff Combs. Although I have no personal connection to him, what he writes about, myself (along with the rest of the swim upstream group) also believe in the powers of the law of attraction, the benefits of focusing on the now to benefit for the future (sow before you reap), and the truth that hard work is always rewarded.

Take a read....and be inspired by an indiviual that is outside the swimupstream team with very similar perspectives and thoughts!

Jeff Combs writes:

There’s more to life than just making money and creating results. Life is really about connecting. Life is about developing a network. Life is about reaching out and assisting other people to achieve their dreams. When you’re able to do that, your dreams will come true more quickly than you ever imagined. Back in 1997, I had a breakthrough year. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed into my bank account and even though it was overwhelming at times, I look back and say, "Wow, my breakthrough year." What most people don’t understand is that I was in that process for about eight years. It all showed up in that one year and it all showed up not because I was a great salesman, but because I had evolved into a position where I had finally learned the difference between selling to people and developing the right people. This I call the law of attraction. I looked up one day and had all these great people in my organization and realized that it was a by-product of my own charisma, my own energy. I had evolved to a position that people wanted to follow. People believed in me because I had started to believe in myself. I’d crossed that invisible barrier, developed that sense of certainty, and moved into the space occupied by people who really understand the game of life. They start to understand that life is about service and value, and giving back, not just taking, and that everything operates off a yin and a yang, a give and a take, and you’ll get exactly what you expect. When you expect to struggle, the Universe will reward you with exactly what you expect. When you expect to flow, to reside, be hands-free, evolve and start to become the person you’ve always deserved to be, the Universe will also reward you with its own sense of abundance.

Most people never get to that phase because they never really start. Most people think they’re doing something, but they’re using their heads instead of operating from their hearts. When you’re in your heart, you are passionate, you are feeling. There’s a zest for the game. You can’t wait to play. Life is nothing more than a game and you don’t work for a living. You don’t trade time for dollars. You are creating a palette in your design of your life. You’re moving people. You’re part of it. You’re all of it. You’re moving and shaking. You can’t wait to get up. You wake up before the alarm goes off and you say, "Wow, five-thirty. I get to work out right now. I get to work out and then I get to connect with people."

People ask me all the time, "Aren’t you a workaholic? Don’t you ever have fun?" They don’t understand that every breathing moment that I am on this Earth plane I am having fun because I don’t do anything that isn’t fun anymore. I will not operate from guilt. When someone tells me to do something, I’m only going to do it because I feel it will be fun, not because I have to. Operating from fun means you come from your heart. But when you have to make yourself do something, you’re operating from your head. That’s a job. That’s trading time for dollars. But when life is fun, you’re in your heart. People sense it. They want to be a part of it. They want to be around you. They want to touch you. They want to connect with you. They want to flow with you. They want you to lead them to the land of Paradise, the Promised Land. When you can radiate and resonate and feel and operate like this, people want to be around you. When you operate like this, greatness starts to show up in your life because it’s showing up in your heart. The more it’s in your heart, the more you exude it. It’s an internal experience that starts to radiate out of you externally. That’s when you operate from a telepathic position that says, "I am the leader you are looking for." You’re consciously sending this message telepathically through thought waves, and in synchronicity, people who are supposed to hear your message become magnetized to these moments.

I call these, ‘Ah-ha’ moments. It’s radiating from your heart, not your head because if you’re in your head, you’re over-analyzing rather than being in the present moment. People don’t understand the value of time. Time is your most valuable commodity. There are 86,400 seconds in every single day, 1,440 minutes, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, and one lifetime. What are you doing right now to create value in yourself? Obviously, if you are reading this, you are gaining a deeper perspective because, at least in the moment, you are in the process of changing just by taking the effort to gain the empowering perspectives of this information.

When it comes to change, sometimes change is gradual. Sometimes change is big, and sometimes change is small, and sometimes you’re changing and you don’t even know you’ve changed and you wake up one day and you realize, "Wow, this is the life I’m leading. This is the life I deserve. I am the person that people are looking for. I am becoming the artist who’s designing my life." When you operate this way, people want to be a part of you. They want to be in your energy, and instead of people being repelled by you; they are magnetized to you. People are touching you. They’re feeling you, and I’m talking about your energy, and when this happens, you have crossed an emotional bridge.

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