Tuesday, April 10, 2007


There are few things in the world that universally are true. There is the belief that we are all good drivers and possibly the fact that we are all motivated by fear.

Another universal truism is that we are all united in our desire to give. Many of us are unaware of how or what to give but ultimately when put in a situation where advise, money, time or love can be offered we are a species that wants, and perhaps innately has to, give.

Stories abound of elderly misers realizing their mistakes and attempting to make up for their indiscretions by giving away their wealth. Movies always find characters that are grizzled on the outside but somehow have golden hearts as their pour out their vast wealth of knowledge in the form of sage advice. At the root of humanity is a clear need to give. This giving characteristic is a vital part of self-actualization but it is never really as easy as it looks.

In order to give a minimum of two factors have to occur:

1. Knowledge of what to give and
2. Knowledge of where to give

Basically who needs help and what do they need. And here in lies another universal truism; people don’t share resulting in people that are challenged with where to give.

Society is at odds with itself. In order to be fulfilled, whether we know it or not, we crave the ability to be important to someone else, we desire to help and we want to give of ourselves. However, in direct odds with this need is our inherent belief that we need to hide who and what we are. As businesses we hide the numbers despite the examples of hyper successful transparent businesses. As friends we hide our financial positions behind leased automobiles, mortgaged houses and fake watches despite examples like the Dali Lama and Mother Teresa who own nothing but have everything. As charities we wait for people to give instead of helping them give with pride and most importantly within our families we believe our spouses or relatives should just understand we need love rather than asking repeatedly for it.

We live in a world where we all are expected to read each other’s mind because it is poor etiquette to ask or share our feelings and needs.

I believe that if you share your truest self, what you are trying to accomplish, where you are trying to get to and how you are going to succeed, all which require your own very hard work, people will help you achieve your goals.

People want to help. People want to help you.

What do you need help with? Are you willing to bridge the gap between conquering your fear of what people will think and how others want to really help you?

If you are…..then share your story. Share it with everyone, no matter where, no matter what the consensus of etiquette suggests. You may never get a second chance with that person who could help change your life.

Share yourself and begin giving to others by perhaps offering them a chance to help others.

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