Monday, April 02, 2007

sometimes in life... you just have to.

there are times in your life where you just HAVE To say fuck it and do it.

last week, my mom and step dad invited myself to the see the final 4 ncaa basketball finals in atlanta with a friend.
the responsible side of me said, can't too busy. the thrill seeking side of me said, less than 5% of the world sporting population who gave a crap, would ever have this opportunity.

so... here we are in atlanta awaiting tonight's game. fellow swimupstream blogger willie and myself. if you had a peek into our weekend, you would think we were the basketball stars. court side seats, restaurants and the good life. but the purpose of this blog isn't to boast about how cool we are, its to highlight the fact that life is about seizing the opportunities that come your way each and every day.

there are too many people who get presented with great opportunities only to decline them. don't do that. take advantage of the opportunities. seize the day. each and every day. when you get to your own final 4 (the last 4 days of your life) make sure you are smiling and reflecting on all the crazy and cool things you did instead of wishing you "could have / should have".

i'm not talking about a reckless and irresponsible pursuit of selfish interests, i'm talking about the joie de vive that makes life exciting. no exhilarating. we need to learn how to find as many ways to do as we do excuses not to do.

live each of your days as best you can and understand you have the opportunity to govern how much excitement you want to bring!

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