Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tales From The Crypt: The Numbers Don't Lie

Time to make a choice Canada: hit yourself over the head, or let us on swimupstream do it (again) for you...

We as a country are blindly headed exactly where our American counterparts have already gone, and then warned us not to go. That is; out with fashion and in with FATshion. 23% of all Canadian adults are now considered obese, and almost half of all adults are overweight. Before you say, "it's way worse in the states"... those numbers south of the border are at 30%- we should all be ashamed.

The easiest way to measure obesity is through measurement of your BMI (body mass index). For adults, a BMI of 25 or more indicates overweight and an increased risk of developing health problems; 30 or more indicates obesity and a high to extremely high risk of developing health problems. BMI is measured by dividing weight in kg by height (measured in meters, multiplied by itself).

If you agree that those numbers are bad, but think that we are getting better; over the last quarter century the proportion of adults aged 25 to 34 who were obese more than doubled from 9% to 21%. Similarly, the rate among people aged 75 or older rose from 11% to 24%. We are killing ourselves, and then passing this on to our kids (whose obesity rate also doubled over the same time frame).

Here is what NOT to do with this information;
  • Don't blame the supermarkets for carrying crap. Blame yourself for buying it.
  • Don't blame the media for constantly barraging you with food ads; blame yourself for being weak and not eating healthy and often enough that you utterly snap at the mere suggestion.
  • Don't blame other people for your stress; blame your own inability/ inactivity in terms of dealing with stress
  • Don't blame stress for making you fat; blame yourself for being a victim and letting this make you fat
  • Don't blame the beautiful people who you can't measure up to (they have their own problems and I would not want their lives!); blame yourself for wanting to be somebody else and then passing this lesson on to others
  • Don't blame me for pointing it out; blame yourself for dodging ownership over your situation almost as hard as you have dodged acting on said situation.
  • I BLAME YOU!!!

What are YOU going to do about it? If you are the husband or the wife of an obese person- be supportive of any action your spouse is taking to better themselves- but QUIT ENABLING them! When will people learn that we become what we fear? When will people learn that if we become the person we ought to; we 'get' the bodies (and the jobs, the partners, the houses) we want to.
I Love you Canada- every last one of my brothers and sisters... but it is time we change what it meant to be a typical Canadian from peace-loving, lazy, beer drinking hockey fans into nature loving, envelope pushing, ass-kicking (in the figurative and literal sense), world leading, peace-loving visionaries who LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
Either you are up for the challenge, or you will continue to see articles, blogs, websites, movies, docu-dramas, and as many other mediums it takes until you feel like enough shit to do something about it. You're Fat. No dressing it up. The sooner you face that fact, the sooner you lose that fat (and move on with your life, as your waistline should never define who YOU are).

Best of luck and we are here to support you in your journey!

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