Friday, April 27, 2007

ten miles wide / 1mm deep

its not my turn to write today but i just found out paris hilton inked a 6 figure salary with a group of bars to make 2 25 min appearances / month. included in the deal was a black ferrari she could show up to the bar in.

are you fucking kidding me?

1st of all. i have to give credit where credit is due. kudos to paris for inheritting your grandfathers fortune and carrying on the family legacy by behaving like a 16 year old attention seeking moron. your legacy will likely survive until your country discovers, markets, exploits... and destroys the next quick flash wannabe who's 10 miles wide and 1 inch deep.

2nd of all. i BEG young girls who aspire to be paris hilton or young boys who want to sleep with paris hilton to splash ice cold water on your faces and think about what's really important in life. it's not one big party based on hype (check your currency lately?). sure, you should have a lot of fun... go nuts, you all deserve it, yet know when its time to grow up. paris can be paid to party because her grandfather worked hard - beginning and end of story. don't be duped into thinking there's a lot of talent, depth and for that matter brain power under that badly bleeched sponsored mellon. in most country's (actually almost everyone other than yours), their is culture, meaning, depth and substance. now, i'm not slamming everyone here, only those who print, publish, promote, exploit and or follow these charachters. bacause that's just what they are.... characters in the puppet show called american media. you have millions of great, talented and inspiring people, stop promoting idiots.

3rd wake up. seriously, we (because i don't think people in general are different) need to seriously re-evalute a) the messages we send, b) the impact they have, c) the legacy we are leaving. if the world is going to become populated with paris hilton wannabee's while we dedicate air time to murderers, crooks, and "icons?" like anna nicole smith than press the button while i'm sleeping so i can wake up in a better place.


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