Tuesday, April 24, 2007


At a speaking seminar series I watched a woman hold up a crisp $1000 bill. She asked the crowd to raise their hands if they wanted the money.

The crowd raised their hands in unison.

Then she took the $1000 dollar bill and crumpled it up and asked again if anyone in the crowd still would take the money.

Everyone in the crowd again raised their hands in unison.

Then she took the crumpled $1000 dollar bill, threw it on the ground and proceeded to step on it. The bill was now dirty, crumpled and didn’t look much like it did at the start yet it still remained a $1000 dollar bill. She again asked if anyone in the crowd wanted this $1000 dollar bill.

Once more the crowd put their hands up in confirmation they wanted the money.

"You have all learned a valuable lesson here today. No matter what I did to the $1000 it still maintained its value. It did not decrease. It was still $1000."

Many times in our lives we are dropped, stepped on and crumpled up b the circumstances that life throws our way. We feel as though we are worthless and our true value has vanished. There is nothing further from the truth because no matter what has happened or what will happen you will never lose your value.

Look forward on what dreams you will make happen and not back upon past roadblocks.
Dream big and remember you are valuable.

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