Monday, April 09, 2007

with each lawsuit, we take another step back.

unsure how i missed lawsuits becoming mainstream, but its important to note the effect they are having on our population on whole.

1. increase costs in idiot proofing products. e.g. the coffee cup heat dampers to ensure our hands don't get burned (forefathers would be proud).

2. increase costs in goods and services. in some services, there are legal costs built into the products to cover the potential of lawsuits.

3. decreased access to things that used to be accessible. say like, PLAYGROUNDS! because they are not supervised and little jack decided to take his skateboard down the slide, it's the communities fault.

4. decreased access to opportunities involving risks at all. "too risky, would get sued"

5. more soul selling lawyers convincing themselves they are doing the world justice by fighting on behalf of the stupid.

sure, everyone is looking for the easy way to make a quick buck off the gap in the system, but we have a few ideas how to bring this back into check.

1. JUDGES. start charging the plaintiff's the same amount of money they seek if they lose the case. in fact, in each case where someone is suing, have the trial by jury and invite myself. i'll sit in on each one.

2. people. if you ever hear your friend or someone on the street tell you they are going to sue someone, assure them its a waste of energy that costs a shit load of money and amounts to little more than headache. the world (and your life) are not fair. throughout it, there will certainly be injustice, you just have to hope there is more good than bad.

3. companies. get the names of those who sue, and charge them more from that day forward to recoup your costs instead of the rest of us. we are ok with that.

4. people. learn how to take responsibility for your stupidity and be embarrassed if you decide to drive with coffee in your lap and it spills. you are not a hero / heroine when you collect the big payout, you are a loser. yes loser.

and if that's slanderous, take me to court.

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