Friday, May 25, 2007

Creatures of Habitual Comfort

For the large majority of us there is little variation in our average day. Typically we wake up and go to work, do our work, and then go home. On the weekend we sleep in, watch something on TV, and do some house chores. Whatever your pattern is, good or bad; we are all creatures of habitual comfort.

What is a creature of habitual comfort you might ask? Well it is someone who follows routines for the sake of following routines. When you wake up and have the same bowl of cereal every morning, or have the same coffee drink from the same establishment, you are doing it because it is a comforting habit. There are other cereals that you would like and other coffee that your palate would enjoy, it’s just that you know what you like and don’t want to deviate from what you know best.

Frequently we are creatures of habitual comfort in the workplace. We do the same job every day, take the same lunch break, put out the same effort, and fulfill the cycle by taking the same route home where we entertain ourselves in the same way. Again comfort controls our motivation, which isn’t necessarily a negative as long as you have no real visions of excellence.

To excel means at some point you need to step out of your habitual comfort zone and take a chance on something that will allow you to feel life again. You will never feel life sitting in the womb of your comfort zone because nothing unexpected will ever have the chance to happen. To feel life there has to be a certain amount of uncertainty that is injected to your every day, most of which is created by you because of the choices you make.

Now, I’m sure there are some of you saying that this message doesn’t apply to you because you are active and you find new adventures every weekend, well I’m here to say I bet that this message applies to you more than you think. Creatures of habitual comfort are not just the lazy or large, the also are workaholics and adventure enthusiasts. How many of you do the same exercise routine every week (three times in the gym, three times outside the gym), meet up with the same people for an afternoon ride or run, meet for happy hour with the same people, or spend the same amount of time avoiding your family each day?

This message applies to all of us. We all follow the patterns we have established throughout our lifetime, patterns of habit and comfort that allow us to get through the grind. So, as you set out for the memorial day holiday weekend, going to the same lakeside house, barbequing with the same neighborhood families, and taking the same trip you have taken since you were a child, remember you have no right to complain that your life isn’t everything you want it to be because you haven’t taken the chance to allow it to be just that.

I say this to you as I write for the same blog, on the same day, at the same time as I have every week. You see, we are all creatures of habitual comfort, and the lies you use to tell yourself that this is not true are the same lies you tell yourself daily (habits for comfort perhaps?).

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