Saturday, May 26, 2007

hey cool people.... know what's cool.

i see the wealthy has an affinity for land rovers and i have to chuckle to myself and ask why. few of these yuppie food consuming wannabes will ever even shift their land rovers into 4 wheel drive which was the full use they were intended for. like the hummers that scatter the soils of the middle east, worth the $10 000 it cost to make them for some reason the wealthy like to play dress up and pay $100k plus for the same thing. but that's not even the worse of it all.

designer beer. there are brewery's in brazil, mexico, and europe scratching their heads in disbelief as they ship case after case of their 'lower class - low grade beer' to north america where we consume it on mass simply because someone marketed us too. of course, not to sound the total cynic, there are those of us who completely understand that corona, Stella, Heineken and braha taste like a mixture of carbonated urine.... unless we add the lime. oh yes, the lime, nothing makes us look more ridiculous than adding that lime. refreshing, no stupid.

like a sheep who watched the commercial of the guy sipping a corona, on a beach and watching a hot chick. let me close my eyes and take a swig... nope, not feeling the love, but i am feeling sick to my stomach.

point is here cool folk, if you are going to go for cool, understand what cool is and don't just hop on the bandwagon because you would like to think you are sophisticated. and even then, if you are going to do it (at 25-25 & 45) because all your friends are, don't make the mistake of trying to look classy ordering these beers if you ever decide to leave your circle of trust fund buddies and travel abroad.

because... you may just be exposed for the moron that you are.

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