Monday, May 14, 2007

letter from outer space.

They told us you were coming back and we spent weeks rolling out the contingency plan to do whatever we could to evade detection from the self proclaimed “most intelligent species in the universe”. A couple of weeks ago it happend. A capsule screamed into our stratosphere and landed in the state of freedom. Instinctively, the townspeople scrambled to intercept the ‘rover’ before it could expose any elements of our culture. It was almost humorous, as we would take turns holding a holograph of barren wasteland in front of the lens as this rover navigated its way in circles across our farmland. We easily foiled the probes into sensing nothing but oxygen depleted soils. Why did we do this? We have zero interest in interacting with your people.

Your people knowingly destroy your own environments. We read in the paper that the oceans have become a polluted wasteland because your people continue to dump hazardous wastes into them. We saw that a large percent of the water sources have run dry or are useless. We have curiously watched as you deplete the soils of your lands of their natural minerals and nutrients in over farming, over growth and over production for wasteful consumption. You use food as a ‘demonstration of creativity’ instead of meeting your basic needs of fuel and maintaining homeostasis. We saw the hole in your stratosphere five years ago and navigated your cameras towards the problem and you still send toxins into the air at a death defying pace. According to our tests, the quality of your air will be reaching toxic levels in the year 2020, the ramifications of which will destroy the fragile few ecosystems that you have left

Your people have an obsession with killing themselves and each other. We watch some of you ingest drugs, alcohol, tobacco & processed substances by the tones each hour of each day. This does not make sense and we wonder what contributes to such wanton ignorance. Your people resort to killing each other to solve conflict. Sometimes mass groups of people will be recruited to kill other groups on the heels of a single ideology. You kill over territory (like you all now own the space our creator has rented you). You kill over a discrepancy in belief instead of rational problem solving. Sometimes, mass groups of people kill mass groups of people because their beliefs are different in what you characterize as “war”. You kill over needing something that someone else has. Rather then synthesize it, work for it or ask for it, you kill for it. This obsession with killing has prevented us from wanting to visit your planet. Your people seem to kill the strong & vital (those who realize this and try to initiate change), while conversely you harbor the weak and the sick at a disproportionate rate. This goes against every law of natural selection and survival known to any species on any planet. Your people selfishly and constantly seek eternal life while impeding the functionality of ecosystems that require a dynamic lifestyle.

Perhaps the most alarming factor stems from the fact that knowing all of this, you continue to educate your people to perpetuate self-destructive behavior. For years we have wondered why all the good that exists within people, communities and the continents is not exploited to its fullest potential. You have appropriately dubbed yourself as a ‘me’ society and ‘me generation’ yet you do nothing to change that. You resort to fictional, uncontrolled stimulus to bring education to your future and then you complain when they deliver what they have been taught that you ‘can’t understand why this is happening’? Much of your societies success is based on external stimulus, and in this, there is little effort made for others, kindness, empathy or legacy. You define legacy as what is left to continue your ideologies instead of necessary traditions needed to help / benefit others. In our view, this is not “legacy”.

Lastly, your unprecedented faith in a god who possesses the most power we have seen across an entire galaxy. The almighty… ‘dollar’. The continuous, unwavering allegiance to such a fictional character who does not provide any spiritual growth or benefit (in fact preempts such disaster, scandal and destruction as we have witnesses over the past 3 years alone) is quite frankly; nothing we ever want to see on our planet.

We encourage you to stop looking elsewhere for intelligent life and start creating more intelligent life where it is most needed: on your planet. Do you actually think that if there were intelligent life form ‘out here’ we would invite the fastest growing virus in the universe in to corrupt our homeostasis? No. We will continue to dismantle your rovers until we are certain that you realize there is nothing here for you to consume, market or destroy for your personal gain and when you have decimated your own planet, we will come there and rebuild.

With a new perspective.

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