Thursday, May 31, 2007

Magnetic Charisma

Today is just like any other day in the rat race. Today could be groundhog day once again to the uninspired, or it could be the matchbook that starts an explosion to the inspired/ inspirable.

Today was, to any swim upstreamer of course, the latter kind of day. It was that day when an idea or a cause became bigger than any one person... it was the day when the charisma of one individual magnetically pulled people from all 10 provinces together in anticipation of a truly remarkable event.

That is, the send off of Tim Harriman. Now 19 years old, diagnosed with cancer at 14, who after 3 years of chemo- and radiation- therapy is now going to be riding across Canada to support the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF).

Today I watched about 20 people who did not know Tim before 2 years ago high-five, hug, cheer, and basiccaly rally around a young man as he smiles towards the second toughest challenge of his young life. This is what Magnetic Charisma is... the force that pulls you to do great things, or towards people who hold that level of passion.

Tim's story can be read at I suggest you read his story, and let the impact it has on you to help you write your own story. This is not and should not be a comparison... this is only to say that if you get really excited about your own life and your own journey, you will attack it that much harder and faster.

Please do not read Tim's story and say, "good for him", or "there's no way I can do that". That would be missing the point. Read it, and understand this is going to be THE thing that defines Tim (at least for now). Understand this, get motivated and know that YOU define what defines you.

What gives you the charisma to attract others? What are you doing right now to define your legacy and attract others to your cause?

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