Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why We Swim Upstream

This blog is to all those people who read these lessons and ask, "do they think they're better than everybody else?"

This blog is for everyone else who may appreciate what is written and ask, "how did they figure these lessons out?"

And most importantly, this blog is for people who may or may not understand where the messages come from, but ask, "why do they forge a different path... why do they swim upstream?"

The answer, quite simply - is YOU. When one makes the conscious decision to go against the grain; to swim upstream, and leave the rat race of decision making through osmosis; they leave others behind. Having said this, doing the right thing often separates you from others and may leave you lonely.

This reinforces the question of "why swim upstream?" to which invariably the obvious answer must be... because when you meet others who are swimming upstream, it is that much more rewarding and makes the journey all the more worthwhile.

When others chastise you for making the tough decisions, the conversations with a fellow upstreamer flow that much more easily. Decisions such as where to spend your time and with whom, are almost made for you - because they are that much more obvious.

After 7 months of writing, sharing, and dedicated readership, the decision to continue to swim upstream has become all the more obvious and easier. Whether you have a favorite contributor, or a favorite blog from each of us - the fact is if you believe anything you read here - you are in the process or re-affirming or re-evaluating your values and your path in life. In either case, this blog is for you to say that although the right decision may not be easy...

The more times you swim upstream, the more you strengthen those swimming muscles (your resolve)and the easier the spawning process (the fertilization of an open mind) becomes.

Cheers to all those dedicated (or even occasional) readers who have read something that raised an eyebrow and more importantly, prompted action.

after all.. that is the whole point. You are not alone. Keep swimming, and you will distance yourself from a crowded ocean of polluted behavior into a smaller but more enjoyable lake of invigoration and reward. YOU are the reason we do this every day. Now feel as special and important as we know you are, get that wetsuit on, and keep fighting the tide of the crowd on your way to the most rewarding life you can create for yourself... the wonderful life you deserve!

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