Monday, May 28, 2007


last week we received an inventory from one of our co workers. first, let me explain what an 'inventory' is.

when people apply to our company, they are asked to submit a personal inventory describing (for themselves & to themselves) who / what & why they are the way they are. specifically we are looking for patterns of behaviors we will undoubtedly see and have to address. the theory is, if we can encourage people to reflect on their past, significant moments, and their own strengths and weakness origins, we will increase the likelihood of managing their talents through their term. knowing is half the battle.

does it work. 100%. what it does is challenge young people to look at themselves before we look... and comment. people are invited to share their inventories if they want and we begin by sharing ourselves so people understand what they should be looking for.

...back to last week. i received a copy of someones inventory and was blown away by how well it was written and also, how much this young woman had come through to make it to where she is now. what struck me as odd was how thankfully she reacted after sharing her story with us and having our support. it was as if we were giving her permission to be human, vulnerable, and exorcise her demons in a safe haven.

i thought about that long and hard because i have seen it before. giving someone permission. so many times we go through life and learn to fear people who say "no". no is a power word used by powerless people. remember, any idiot can say no, but only a true leader, entrepreneur, mentor, hero etc has the capacity to say "yes".

yes it is ok to be who you are. yes you will still be supported, in fact likely more now that we have a snapshot into areas we otherwise may not have known about. yes it's ok to make a mistake. yes you will be held accountable, but yes we will learn from it and move on. yes, you are still a great human and contributing member. yes life is tough. yes there is a lot of good in the world. yes there are people you can trust, yes yes yes yes yes.

keep saying & thinking yes. i can... i will.... i am and you will reach the promised land of self actualization in short order. you will be successful beyond your wildest imagination.

this isn't "the secret" talk... because the path to this fantastic discovery actually.


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