Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Brink

What goes up, must come down. Not too many people would disagree with that statement ever since a very famous apple hit our friend Sir Isaac Newton oh so long ago.

The funny thing is, how when we lay out a set of circumstances from, say, our history textbook in high school, we can always dictate the outcome. Somehow, this same intuition is lost on ourselves, as we engage in similar behaviours and are yet shell-shocked by the same inevitable outcomes.

Take the Roman Empire for example, or the first British empire, or US RIGHT NOW!!!

Any 'empire' to date has been built on technology, victory at war, or some other kind of political, financial, and populous advantage. And they have all beeen squandered by either a) greed or b) greed.

The Roman empire, for instance, began it's decline after the death of the emporer Commodus. Pertinax was made his successor, and he tried to tighten discipline after the evils of Commodus, only to be slain with the throne offered to the highest bidder.

The first British Empire declined in a less obvious and direct amnner, but effectively over the 2 world wars it's citizens were less and less concerned with their global position and more with their local welfare (safety). That is, the leaders of the day could no longer force the goals of the country to align with their own personal agenda...

... which brings us full circle to today;

the wars that have been fought for oil.

the technologies that have been squashed to bring alternatives to gasoline.

the damage we 'developed nations' are doing to our earth...

we are headed for a monumental crash... and to not see it is either to be ignorant, or to be just as blind with your own perceived power as the leaders in those stories who woke up to their own rude awakening.

How many times must history repeat itself???

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