Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carpe Diem

Translation - Seize the Day!

Today's blog is about the emphasis on making the MOST of current opportunities and life. Life is short, time passes by, and opportunities are missed if you don't maxmize what you have.


If you find yourself being a victim - know it and do something about it. Too many people become victims of their own actions and fail to realize the control they have in the situation they are in - guess what, you probably have 100% control over it. Because when you take responsibility for your life and your actions, you are no longer are that victim and instead become an individual with the power to direct your own life.

This doesn't mean that the bad things that have happened to you are your fault or that shitty things don't happen to the best of us (ie. cancer) , but it does mean that your personhood and your life are not defined by a single event. Labeling yourself a victim often leads to self-judgment, and to a life of loneliness and isolation. When you move away from identifying yourself as a victim and instead choose to identify yourself as a survivor who takes responsibility for your life, you open doors that were previously closed to you.

Instead of seeing dead ends, begin to see possibilities. Begin to entertain thoughts of taking center stage in your own life and determining your own destiny. When you shed the label of victim, you can begin to acknowledge your value as a human being. And those who have value, take responsibility for every area of their lives, including their relationships, their careers, and their self-worth.

Life is in your hands an no one else's. My suggestion:

Make hay while the sun is shining!

...and don't be the first to say the sun doesn't come out...because it shines everyday.

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