Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't Go It Alone

We all need help.

I have recently come to this conclusion after years of thinking that I could go it alone if needed. My reality is I can’t and I’m pretty sure your reality is no different. We all have something that we are chasing (money, fame, greater purpose, etc.) day to day so that we can enhance our lives and extend our personal mission. Many times we encounter people that have great interest in what we are doing so we involve them in our plan only to find out that they are dead weight. We stroke this dead weight and try to mentor it only to find out that they are exactly that, dead weight. We all have said at one point “I would be better off going at it alone”, which is right, you would be better off but you would still have a formidable task in front of you. The reality is that you need others to help you in life. The challenge is finding the right others to help you achieve your mission.

So, how do we find the right other? I really don’t know how to find them, my guess is trial and error, but I do know that once you know the person is incapable or uninterested in making your life easier then you need to drop them as fast as you can. The more time you spend trying to create the right person the more time you spend wasting time. Having confidence in your ability to mold others into who you want them to be is a great skill; not recognizing your inability to change someone who is unwilling to change is just plain harmful to you personally. We can all recognize potential in people, but we can’t always recognize is our role in wasted potential. By doing this we stay with someone or something too long and then are in a position where we have to suffer the consequences, not for their inability, but for our inability to act. What do you have to lose by investing extra time on that person? Simple…..everything.

Life is not a straight line, there are bumps and curves in the road, but in order to navigate the greatest and most fulfilling path you can not do it alone. Just having someone to accompany you along the path is as detrimental a going it alone, which highlights the need to have the right person with you along the way. Creating a coalition of the unwilling is going solo with more responsibility. Fulfillment and empowerment is creating a coalition of the willing who make your job and life easier to navigate.

We all need help, so save yourself some time and effort and drop the dead weight before they bring you down with them, believe me they will do just that.

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