Friday, June 01, 2007

Flase Idols and Fools

We are quickly becoming a role modeless society and focusing our aspirations on the acts of false idols and fools. We are raising a generation of children that are shown the absolute worst that society has to offer through media tabloids, reality TV, and fear causing news stories that are neither uplifting nor inspirational. Every face they see on television or in the movies continue to make their quarterly trip to rehab, while their sport heroes are creating dog fighting clubs and killing themselves while driving drunk. You think that this would turn people off from this new type of celebrity, yet it has only heightened the interest of our youth and distorted their view of what success in life really is, as well as how it can be achieved. Worse yet, we are losing the battle at home where the message of right and wrong is being ignored by the parents who are more concerned with their professional and social life, therefore forgetting that they, not media outlets and schools, are responsible for the life that they brought into society.

Obviously this doesn’t relate to every person reading this blog, but if you really look at all of the problems children are facing today you can draw a significant link to how they are being parented. I was very fortunate growing up because I was raised in a family where both parents worked so that we had everything we needed, but still made the time to recognize and support each of their five children individually, as well as a familial group. When I say we had everything we needed I mean that we had food, shelter, clothing, opportunity, structure, and love (an iPod, cell phone, X Box, car, and bedroom TV aren’t needs, they are wants, and can be earned through finding a job where you actually have to mow lawns in the neighborhood to purchase them). We had plenty of idols from sport stars to musicians and actors, and when those idols messed up we were talked to about what it meant to go to jail. We did not celebrate their mistake, make petitions to keep them out of jail, or look at their entering rehab for the second time in a month as a positive. We were not given excuses for their behavior; instead we were talked to about personal responsibility, accountability, as well as cause and effect.

My parents were by no means perfect but they were present. They knew what we were watching on TV, what we were putting into our bodies, and who we were hanging out with. When these situations didn’t meet their expectations, we stayed at home until we found better situations to get involved in. Basically they parented us until we had the ability to make sound decisions based on our life path. Ultimately they became our role models while the previous idols we had as children were put into their proper perspective. Unfortunately for many of today’s youth perspective has become reality, and by ignoring them in favor of ourselves just means that they will look to another adult or prominent figure to teach them how to be an adult. Hopefully you would never let any one of the in the news “celebrities” baby-sit your child, but unless you become a parent, your child will look to what they see as acceptable adult behavior through others and act accordingly.

Leave the false idols and fools in the rehab facility or jail that they belong in, and do something to become an idol to your child, better yet do something to become a parent to your child.

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