Thursday, June 14, 2007


Pillars can do more than support the roof that is directly affixed to them.

Pillars, in the sense we use them here, are those things that are solid that create a foundation for your life. Pillars are those things you put your own roof (the life you create) atop.

The great thing is, even if you've never thought about it, and you feel lost or alone right now... chances are you have at least one pillar and that's a great start.

A few examples of pillars are;

Forest (ie the beauty of the great outdoors all around us that can inspire with but a glance)
Fitness (moving your body releases endorphins and can change your perspective about your current situation anytime even if it doesn't make your problems go away).

A few examples of things commonly mistaken for pillars are;
Material things

Keep in mind that you pillars are always there. Your work can change, you could lose passion for what you do if your life isn't in balance, money comes and goes, material things are superficial, and popularity is a circumstance, not a constant.

By identifying the state of the 5 F's in your life, you can see where you need work (on you), who to spend more or less time with, and whether or not you are remaining true to you and the ideals you uphold.

Pillars are called pillars because they are always there. When I moved cities for the first time, I knew I could always rely on those 5 pillars, and the rest would take care of itself so long as I tended them (kept in contact, got outdoors being active, etc).

Because of knowing what was real (what my pillars were) and what was superficial, I can now proudly state that I have a solid roof built on a solid foundation in both Calgary and Vancouver.

Are you frustrated because the roof is leaking? Has it caved in altogether? Time to check the foundation, and see if you have even noticed, let alone appreciated your 5 pillars. Spend time there... when you are at your wits end, and life seems too tough at times, it is your pillars that will support you as well as the roof you are trying to build.

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