Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Security or Freedom

You can choose between security and freedom.
Choosing security will give you neither.

There are few things in life that are truer than the statements above. About 95% of people have bought into the myth that security is the top of the mountain, the attainment of victory or the goal. We struggle to get the job, to pay the bills, to get the house so we can tuck our loved ones in at night and sit in front of the fire drinking a cup of herbal tea. It is a dream that many of us have. Maybe not in this exact scenario but one close no-doubt to this concept of warmth and security. Simply put, it is a picture of safety.

It is the false belief that we have built our culture on and the reason that so many are crushed when beset with an unforeseen circumstance.

A spouse is struck down by a drinking driver, the youngest one of the children is diagnoses with a life threatening disease that will bankrupt the family, the family just can’t live together anymore and a divorce is the only way. The safety net is pulled from underneath and what once was considered the secure route feels far from it.

To choose security is to join a rat race of people all building futures on foundations of sand, as each and every person believes their warm bed is secure when it is really the farthest things from it.

Choose freedom and you will have that warm bed; fire place and the peace that comes with knowing the dream cannot be pulled form underneath you. It is harder, requires more effort and thought but it is the only real path. Freedom is building a platform of multiple passive incomes. Freedom to choose to do whatever you want in peace is security. It is the more rewarding result but certainly the road less traveled.

You get to choose between security and freedom. Which do you choose?

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