Monday, June 04, 2007

talk about it.

it's almost comical how difficult we make things for ourselves at times. we are pissed off about something but we don't say anything. we let that instance be compounded by other instances and before you know it we're blowing up about it all.

one of the most effective ways of ensuring we have less than more stress is to talk about it. granted it takes someone on the other side to listen, more times than not you will feel great because you have got what's inside you.... out. we've touched on this before.

we've also addressed the fact, when you are able to reach a point where it really doesn't matter whether the person on the listening end is listening... you have reached a level of cleansing that is very therapeutic. reason i say this is because at this point, you are disabling others from making their baggage & problems yours. by immediately getting it out of you, you don't allow it to build, fester, metastasize into something bigger.

think about all the small things we absorb every day. the questions we have, the feelings that are generated and the emotions we feel. it's not healthy or practical to keep absorbing all of this day after day after day. ever wonder why your parents and grandparents want to talk your ear off? it's because they didn't have the forum, chance or opportunity to do it when they were younger. years of "stuff" has built up and now they are more than happy to share it all with you. listen to them, hear what they are saying and allow them the privilege to purge. (god knows they listened to you).

same with your kids. ask them what they experienced that day. you will be surprised at what you get back, which enables you to continue a healthy dialogue or learning and sharing. don't let them get overloaded with info without having the ability to express.

communication is one of the most essential survival tools we've got. use it.

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