Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Is All Relative

Arguably the single greatest idea in history was developed on a bicycle. In 1905 a document containing one of the greatest efforts of human ingenuity was presented. The information read like an essay not an educational document as its critics expected. It was nonchalant and psychological yet it caused some of the worlds largest revelations and revolutions. The writer was considered a daydreamer and below average by his teachers and peers. His friends saw him as dedicated to the furthering of the world. His discoveries and observations would change the direction of the world and it would inspire other phenomenal minds for generations to come. The document contained only about five thousand words and the time this massively influential paper took to complete was less than five weeks. Yes the world was altered in five weeks.

The idea: "I thought of that while riding my bicycle."

Questioning everything and confident in his pursuit of what he saw as the answers to nature as we know it, a modest electrical engineer’s son created world altering theories by spending some time on his bicycle. As a brand new father and on top of a full-time job our genius, without the aid of a professional scholastic placement or academic resources, was able to produce four telling scientific papers. The first paper won him the Nobel Prize while two others were well received by his peers. However, it was the fourth paper that would forever change the world. Now we aren't suggesting that taking a stroll on your two wheeled steed will somehow make you an intellectual revolutionary but we are imploring you to take notice of one value that makes this story so relevant.

Time. That is what can be taken from this example. Spend some time with yourself. More powerful than money and more important than politics, time is ignored far too often. With a little time you too can change the direction of your life. Think, explore, and focus because time to do these things is a gift. Spend time on your bicycle because you never know what may come of it.

The world was introduced to the 'Special Theory of Relativity' and consequently the atom bomb because of a little spin on a bicycle. The inspiring physicist you know as Albert Einstein. You may have heard of his now famous equation e=mc2 which Einstein thought up while spending time with his thoughts on his bicycle.

Are there really reasons you don’t have the time to ride your bicycle?
Are you capable of changing the face of the world?

Ride your bike, spend time meditating, read, ponder or just do something alone. You owe it to yourself.

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