Monday, June 11, 2007

we are peons!

its easy to understand why some of us actually believe the universe was born into us instead of the other way around. its what makes the economies go round. like black flies in eastern canada, marketers & their messages buzz around you telling you how good you are and what you deserve. hear a lie long enough and you will start to recite & then live it.

hate to burst the bubble, but its not the case. the focus of today's blog isn't directed at people with money, or power or nice homes, its directed at all of us. yes, even those who play the victims, can't catch a break, and / or believe they are owed, entitled, oppressed, just can't, too busy etc.


the world isn't "our oyster", its our saline drip and we need to start treating it as such. we, are ALL insignificants who will one day manage to eradicate ourselves (and generations to follow)if we continue to operate through our misguided intelligence. think about how many times, things have not been able to flow (as they naturally should) because someone had to make it about them. from the simple, to the important.... there is always "one". (remember, don't be the one?)

now we aren't about addressing problems without highlighting solutions, so here are 5 great methods of getting over you.

1. understand you are really not that important to the big scheme of things. shocker i know, but if you kick it, someone else will take your place and you will be forgotten quickly.

2. don't try to impede any sort of forward progress that doesn't really involve or impact you because of a self serving agenda. zip it.

3. be humble. try not to take yourself so seriously in any situation that you bring decision making back to something about you. bottom line is regardless of job, stature or payroll we are all SALESPEOPLE selling something to someone for something.

4. the minute you start to get that itchy rash called 'drama'. cream it up with the reality of 1-2 & 3 and move on quickly.

5. think about others. and really, this is the clincher. start putting yourself in other people shoes and actually seeing it from their vantage points before responding or making the call.

when you are able to get over yourself, the world will present as the cohesive ecosystem its supposed to be.
and you, us and generations to follow will be happier & better for it.

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