Monday, June 18, 2007

who are you angry with?

for all those who have lent their friends money, without hesitation or condition - who then have to chase, remind, beg & harass that friend to repay their debt only to be made like YOU'RE the ass. this one's for you.

for all those who have been on the end of an open ended question where the person is seeking an answer (and you didn't know they only wanted one answer) and they make you feel bad for being honest. this one's for you.

for all those who try to do something nice for someone else, only to hear a complaint, whine, bitch and then have the entire ordeal be turned around and thrown in your face. this one's for you.

in fact, this one is for all those who have tried in any way shape or form to bring happiness, ease, calm, promise, compromise, into someone else's life only to have that effort turned around to make you feel like the ass, we've got advice for you.

....lean into your screen

fuck em.

yup, walk away as fast as you can, do not look back, do not use their one example as the benchmark for all other favors, good deeds & kind gestures you may bring in the near or distant future. just archive that person in the poopy pants hall of shame and do not ever enable them to bring their home brew to your party.

we have a problem these days differentiating between the good and the bad. that problem is only compounded by the fact we have just under zero ability to take responsibility for our own shortcomings, hence we quickly defer to best defense is offense.

well, to all those who lash out at people who are even attempting to do good. be angry with you, for being a loser that has to be reminded you asked, needed, borrowed, took, accepted, and needed, and then failed to return the favor.

you are the shmuck.

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