Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Creative Blame is Still Blame

It sounds different to start with.

"I think I need a change."
"I'm bored of the industry." Or,

"It's not you but I'm leaving because I need a new challenge."
"Really, where are you going for this challenge?"
"Your competitor."

Interesting challenge.

We are all similar in that we all have issues to deal with. The main difference between those that continue to climb and grow is that they recognize their own problems and deal with them straight on. They take responsibility for who and what they are.

Clearly there would be a paradigm change for business on the whole if everyone decided that their jobs weren't the reason they "needed a change."

Divorces, addictions, money problems or whatever you feel is your specific area of concern; these are your problems and changing your scenery may stall the feelings of depression or helplessness but,

they DO NOT solve the actual problems.

It is far more likely that the organizations you are currently with, where you have developed relationships, will help you out if you communicate your needs. It is far more likely that you will find support where you have spent time and are a valued member. It is far more likely that your current friends will help you where you need it most.

Solve your problems, the real ones, and save yourself the fleeting belief that changing your apartment or significant other will actually change you.

You are responsible and running away doesn't change anything in the long term. Stop getting creative in your own mind and trying to find someone or something else that could be responsible. Stop blaming your business, your boss or your co-workers. They didn't do anything to cause your difficulties.

It is harder to swim up stream but well worth it in the long run. Hit your problems head on. Now.

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