Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't Wait Until the Door is Already Open

Anybody can achieve anything.

If you are looking to excel and succeed…find a way. Those who succeed are those who walk through the door of opportunity when it swings open. That is a definite. So then what is the secret to getting through the door of opportunity?

Answer: Being outside the door when it swings open.

The thing is…you never know when the door of opportunity is going to open wide. For some, the big break comes early in life and for others later on. But for all of those who become successful, there is one key similarity: They were ready. And for every one of those who were ready, there were thousands more who weren’t.

Therefore, the true answer is: Be ready!

So…when you are sitting and waiting for things to happen – make them happen. The job to do while waiting for the door to open is to develop your skills and your character, so as to position yourself to get through that door before it closes. Do everything you can to be ready. Don’t just sit and wish and dream. Be proactive and make sure that you are the most qualified when the door opens. Make sure that you are the hardest worker. Make sure you are the closest to the door.Trust me that your door will open someday. It opens for everyone. It may only open once or it may open many times. It is different for everyone and life just isn’t fair that way. But everybody gets a shot. And when you are sitting there and the door is open nice and wide…sprint through.

Take that ball and RUN with it…don’t crawl. Don’t walk. Don’t jog. RUN.
Be Ready - not when it opens BUT before it opens!

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