Monday, July 09, 2007

Help Wanted : Leaders.

Must be able to;
· want to
· communicate
· accept feedback
· believe in yourself
· take things personally
· think before you speak
· get back up after you fall
· choose action over inaction
· stand alone in a crowded room
· leave your baggage at the door
· understand its not a ‘sometime’ thing
· speak up instead of remaining silent
· differentiate between right and wrong
· go the distance until the task is complete
· make the right choice over the popular choice
· minimize the time between a problem and it’s solution
· motivate others to achieve their appropriate level of success
· derive motivation from within instead of waiting for outside stimulation
· leave their task, cause, job, chore, responsibility in better shape then they
found it

Job Opportunities;
· infinite

· very little

Apply within
· yourself!

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