Thursday, July 05, 2007

Live both IN and FOR the moment

There are no accidents. This is something I, my fellow swim upstreamers, and hopefully YOU know. On the way home this past (Canada Day) holiday monday, I had this reinforced in a big way.

I was coming home from 'the weekend'... a colaboration of a) great people b) great times c) great activities and d) great location when I heard e) the great message to be reiterated for today's blog....

Live both IN and FOR the moment. Making my way home from Mable Lake to Calgary my radio options were limited (or were they?) between Sicamous and Revelstoke, BC... CBC Radio One it was, and the topic was living IN vs living FOR the moment. Rather than recap the entire discussion, rehashing the main points and definitions provided will serve to make today's point...

To live FOR the moment is to maximize your personal enjoyment of each experience you encounter, and to basically ensure you are happy as often as possible in the now.

To live IN the moment means to enjoy your current surroundings; whatever they may be. This denotes a less selfish definition as we celebrate the people, situations, and places we find ourselves in, and encourages us to take whatever lessons or examples for personal growth or leadership opportunities we can out of each situation.

If we then are to live both FOR and IN the moment, we have only one choice...

consistently if not constantly choose to surround ourselves with great people, great situations, and great opportunities, and when this may or may not be the case, make the most out of each situation, and learn as much as you can from each person, and each encounter.

Today is thursday. Put another way, today is full of opportunities to apply what you have just read, and maximize each opportunity, each encounter, and each person for personal and for mutual benefit as we continue our personal development and the journey that we call life.

At the end of the day, we can all either live IN and FOR each moment, or we can bitch about what we are not getting, and how hard life is...

The more times you can make the former choice each and every day is directly proprtional to how infrequently you catch yourself in the latter victim mentality mode.

Get busy living - each and every moment you can.

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