Monday, July 16, 2007

Nurturing out Nature.

I really enjoyed Scott's Friday blog about nature (specifically)the lions ability to rule the jungle. It's been something that i personally, have always bought into (team vs. individual). We have passed numerous opportunities to be "the guys" (in terms of what society thinks is 'cool') and there's not a day that goes by we (pretty much everyone I surround myself with) don't feel better off for it.

What's ironic is the myriad of examples that support Scott's team logic compared to the futility with which we (as a society) carry it out. One would think if success was that as easy to attain, there would be a plethora of great examples.

The simple reason why there isn't more examples, is because being a part of a team is difficult (for humans)for the following reasons.

1-5. no other species does a worse job of preparing their young for the realities of life than humans. way too much thought, over nurtured & right out of the gates, soft - hard wiring. we don't learn to fly as soon as we have wings, we learn to sit in front of baby Mozart.

5-10. fake play. we don't teach our kids how to hunt and gather, we do the hunting and gathering for them in mimicked conditions while we try to jam 100 mediocre experiences we want them to partake in, instead of 1 meaningful experience that suits their needs of developing a skill set.

10-15. young offenders act. we are afraid to discipline our children partly because someone captured a spanking on camera and the parents were sued, but also partly because we actually feel our offspring belong to us instead of belonging to serving the best interests of the world and humanity.

15+. the 'me market'. companies appeal to the sense of 'me' vs 'being like everyone else' because its what makes them sell their goods. It's a hard reality to ignore and even harder evil to shake because it appeals to our sense of want, as well as falsely boosting their non existant(because of 0-15, esteem).

By the time we realize taking on the world marco - solo sucks, its time for us to perish with all of the illness we accrued trying to fight the good fight. shit loads of money, transparent experiences and sadness instead of happiness. Then, in a cruel twist of fate we exclaim; i was thrown into the lions. No you weren't. As Scott eluded to, if you were really thrown into the lions you would have been taught how to survive, but you do remind me of another animal (except your head wasn't buried in sand).

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