Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Responsibility to Give

The United States of America, and to a lesser extent Canada, is consistently abused for their efforts to democratize the world or to place their value systems where potentially they are not wanted. The Americans in particular are a true example of "it's tough being on top."

However, when we look at North Americans there may be one thing that will continue to keep them at the top. It isn't their military strength, their economic strength and nor is it intellectual or human resources.

Americans and Canadians, to date, are the giving-est nations.

Per capita, Canadians, with Americans just behind us, give the most to charity without asking anything in return. Most often, even on a global scale, Americans are the first to answer the call for help and rarely do they ask for anything in return. They do it because it is just the right thing to do and because being on top as leaders they feel it is their responsibility.

Now some may say that we are giving up our time and money because as first world nations we have it. The truth is that because we continue to give our time and money, no matter our wealth levels, we receive more…and then can give even more. We have always given of ourselves. It is in the culture.

The Law of Attraction is a media buzz currently and for good reason. Give and you shall receive. Think and you will attract it. On a massive level the collective psyche of North Americans is to help and that is what will define our next 25 years. Call it philanthropy, Law of Attraction or just the right thing to do but the simple truth is that Americans have stayed on top, no matter how poorly they are being lead, because the leaders within their country historically have fostered a culture of giving; and therefore they receive.

I encourage you to tithe monthly both in time and money. Start small if you need to but start. By giving you will see a huge change in how the world operates and how you fit into it. By giving you will receive back ten times.

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