Monday, July 02, 2007

The responsibility to say something.

There are times in our lives when we are faced with the difficult decision to communicate an unpleasantly to someone we respect / admire / appreciate. This may come in the form of feedback, a suggestion or even as we discussed last week, that honest answer to the question that may not make us popular. Truly, if we care about the people we are addressing, we owe them the truth. What they do with that truth after it has been communicated, is largely out of our hands.

If we do not make the time to present our thoughts and feelings people who need to hear them we enable & facilitate that behavior to repeat itself. Translation, it makes it difficult to complain – after the fact.

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable circumstances we can & will find ourselves through our interactions. There are thousands of people who would accept these circumstances and remain unheard, yet there are a few who swim up stream unafraid of the currents and eddies that lay ahead.
To those we say….

Speak on!

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